October 2016

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  • Letter from Our Director - A note from Bill If you look back at how our government has managed all our natural resources you have to wonder, "How did these "representatives" get into office? Our water - our air - our food - our forests - our wildlife are all in serious peril due to significant governmental mismanagement. Science has been ignored in favor of the money and political influences of powerful special interests. THIS MUST STOP !!! This behavior permeates throughout virtually all aspects of our government.. read more...
  • The U.S. Wolf Refuge Will Not Be At The Wildlife Conservation Networks Expo
    Our attendance at WCN Expo has been a yearly event of ours for 8 years. Due to something out of our control we will not be there this year. As many of you know my friend Jane Goodall speaks at this momentous event every other year. Fortunately 2016 is a year that she will not be there. Rest assured we will be there next year.
  • New Enclosure Update
    Thank you all for voting for us at the ArtPaws event in Reno this past July. The proceeds we won went to purchase the 500 feet of 10' high chin link fence. A big Thank You goes out to Josh, Brittany, Mike and Lorna for all their hard work in making this happen... read more...
  • Pack Member of the Month - "Keoke"
  • Winter is Approaching - Our Bulldozer Still Does Not Work
    Our old bulldozer is our lifeblood during the winter. The U.S. Wolf Refuge exists at 6500' elevation and winters here are heaven for wolves but often difficult for us humans. Our ΒΌ mile long driveway has some very steep sections that cause problems during rainy and snowy weather. Our bulldozer enables us to get in and out. read more...

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Wolf Awareness Week

October 16 - October 22, 2016

This is a national event that is intended to publicize the wolf controversy and the travesty of how they are being (mis)managed. I want to ask all of you to send an email, letter or phone call to your senators and legislators. Let them know that are seriously concerned about how all our natural resources are being managed. If you want any suggestion on what to write or what to say, contact me and I'll send plenty of suggestions. THANKS!!

Are You a Veterinarian?

All Creatures Great & Small

All Creatures Vet Hospital here in Reno, NV urgently needs a licensed vet to help in meeting the overwhelming demands of their expanded practice. A recent departure by Dr. Cruz for personal reasons has left the hospital with a heavy workload for the remaining staff.

This clinic is an enjoyable work environment that works on all animals - not just traditional pets. It is a fun, light, cohesive place to work that is equipped with virtually all the lab equipment necessary to make fast, thorough diagnosis and treatments.

Contact them at:

Maureen Adams DVM
All Creatures Vet Hospital
7111 South Virginia Street. #A-6
Reno, NV

U. S. Wolf Refuge Education Program

A Renewed Focus on On The Truth Surrounding These Magnificent Creatures.

Bill at Lincoln Park School

Programs are presented at schools, colleges, university's, wildlife conservation groups, libraries, community organizations, veterinarian offices, humane societies, animal welfare groups, animal control agencies, and other public groups where our message can be heard. To learn more about having the United States Wolf Refuge present for your organization, please contact us.

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Wolf & Wolf-Hybrid Placement

Wolves and Wolf-hybrids are magnificent animals that many see as a status symbol. Before you consider getting one, read Bill Chamberlain's Placement Guide. It will give you some great insight and guidance.

Gain some more insight by reading "Find Your Wolf a New Home" by Bill Chamberlain. Download the Adoption Questionnaire and / or the the Adoption Agreement.