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March 2018

Special Notice

It is with great regret that the U.S. Wolf Refuge is suspending our monthly e-newsletter due to some recent "technical difficulties."

We will however continue with a periodic web page newsletter. Please watch this "U.S. Wolf Refuge News" section of the home page for current information.

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  • Comanche Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

    February 12, 2018 was the last day our magnificent Comanche got to spend with us. His age and condition had deteriorated so that he let us know it was time to go. He will leave a hole in our hearts and our souls that can never be repaired.

  • The Last Wild Wolves

    Along the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada there is a type of wolf that is different from all others - it swims. This ability is because it has adapted to its environment. These wolves exist in a region that is made up of many islands along Canadian pacific coast. In order to find food they are forced to travel between these islands.

  • United States Wolf Refuge Wishes to Get 3 - 40' Cargo Containers

    In 2017 a forest fire caused us to evacuate all the animals for 2 days. This was very traumatic for both the animals and all our volunteers. It caused a great deal of stress and fear. We do not want to experience that ever again.

  • Upcoming events

Read this month's newsletter ...

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U.S. Wolf Refuge Updates Its Wolf/Wildlife Education Program

In our 33 year history, the United States Wolf Refuge has made it a priority to conduct as many educational programs as possible in an effort to dispel many of the misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding wolves. This has been only a part of the U.S. Wolf Refuge's many functions. Along with the labor intensive activity of rescuing, caring for, and re-homing the multitude of homeless and unwanted wolves and wolf-dogs, and our dedicated support and assistance of the Mexican wolf reintroduction program, we are now focusing on conducting as many educational programs as possible.

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Wolf & Wolf-Hybrid Placement

Wolves and Wolf-hybrids are magnificent animals that many see as a status symbol. Before you consider getting one, read Bill Chamberlain's Placement Guide. It will give you some great insight and guidance.

Gain some more insight by reading "Find Your Wolf a New Home" by Bill Chamberlain. Download the Adoption Questionnaire and / or the the Adoption Agreement.